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1.  Mission Statement
2.  Steering Committee Operating Guidelines
3.  List of Officers and Board Members
3.  Articles of Incorporation as a Non-Profit Organization in Colorado
4.  501(c)(3) Application to the IRS


   "The mission of Thubten Shedrup Ling, Center for the Study of Buddhism and Tibetan Culture, is to bring Buddhist teachings to Colorado. We accomplish this by inviting highly regarded scholars and teachers here and by holding weekly discussion groups and meditations sessions. We work toward having a Buddhist monk or nun become a resident teacher and spiritual friend to our members and the greater community and to cultivate interest, study, practice and respect for Buddhist teachings."



Operating Guidelines for the Steering Committee



Center for the Study of Buddhism and Tibetan Culture


            The Steering Committee will strive to create a friendly, kind and compassionate atmosphere in which all TSL members may express views and ideas and contribute to the decision making and organizing activities of the Center. The role of the TSL Steering Committee is to:

1.   Plan, organize and publicize activities, programs and retreats,

2.      Elect members to hold officer positions and be on the Board of Directors,

3.      Define the functions and responsibilities of officers,

4.      Determine how best to support a resident or visiting teacher,

5.      Discuss issues, arrive at a consensus and provide advice to a teacher,

6.      Determine what specific requests will be made to a teacher,

7.      Decide what invitations to be extended to guest teachers, speakers or groups,

8.      Approve or disapprove individual expenditures exceeding $100.00,

9.      Determine and specify functions, responsibilities or tasks assigned to designated members or sub-committees

The relationship between the Steering Committee, the Director, Venerable Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen, and a resident or visiting teacher shall be based on mutual friendship, trust, loyalty and respect. The Steering Committee or any of the officers shall not attempt to control or govern the decisions and activities of its Director, resident teacher or visiting teachers. The Steering Committee may advise or make requests of the Director, resident teacher or visiting teacher, only if such advice or request is derived from the consensus or a majority vote of the committeeís members.

Notice and Quorum for Meetings

            A regularly scheduled Steering Committee meeting will normally be held on the first Saturday or Sunday of every month. Meetings may be postponed or cancelled if at least three of the   elected officers agree. Unscheduled Steering Committee meetings will be held following an attempt to notify participating members on the most recently published phone listing. A quorum of  five qualified Steering Committee members is necessary for every meeting.

Qualifications for Participating on the Steering Committee

            Steering Committee meetings are open to any person that attends the centerís regular teachings, study groups, meditations or retreats. If the legitimacy of any personís attendance is questioned at a steering committee meeting, the issue shall be resolved by a majority vote.

Election of Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

            The Steering Committee will meet in the month of January (or as soon as possible thereafter) to elect members to the officer positions of Co-chairperson (2), Secretary and Treasurer and the members of the Board of Directors (a minimum of three), as necessary. Election to these positions will be by majority vote of the members present. Tenure of the officer positions shall be one (1) year. Tenure of the members of the Board of Directors shall be three (3) years.

Special Considerations for a Co-chairperson.

            The co-chairpersons often act as a spokesperson for TSL. That person must always strive to clarify whether what he/she says is coming from the Steering Committee or is personal. A co-chairperson must not assume what decisions or policies the Steering Committee may implement. It is essential that the co-chairpersons be known by and be acceptable to the resident teacher and the Centerís Director, Venerable Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen. It is also essential that a co-chairperson have a heart felt loyalty and dedication to Geshe Gyeltsen, our resident teacher and to the mission of the Center. [This paragraph is not intended to exclude a member from being elected as a TSL co-chairperson if they are not currently known by Geshe Gyeltsen. It is intended to emphasize that such a relationship must be fostered and maintained by the co-chairperson during his/her term of office. If such a relationship is not developed, this may be cause for the involuntary termination of a member from holding the office of co-chairperson.]

TSL Officers and Their Responsibilities

            The following officer positions are necessary to manage the activities sponsored by the Center. The primary responsibilities of each position are specified beneath the title of the officer:


                        --perform as lead coordinator/organizer for all TSL functions and activities

                        --ensure regular meetings are held

                        --acts as spokesperson for TSL with a resident teacher,

---with Geshe Gyeltsen and other visiting teachers or other organizations,

---with TSL members and participants in the Centerís activities,

---with Shove Chapel, Tutt Library and The Colorado College and

 ---with the rest of the community

                        --maintain TSLís non-profit incorporation status with the State of Colorado and the 501(c)3 charitable organization status with the IRS            

                        --meet, greet and introduces teachers and guests at public functions

                        --track all tasks and ensure timely completion

                        --maintain a list of other organizations and non-member individuals that provide information, facilities and services to TSL


            --keeper and distributor of meeting minutes and other essential documents

            --maintain the mailing list

--maintain a phone list and steering committee participant list which will be reviewed annually by the steering committee

            --coordinate and tracks publicity, flyers, mailings, newsletter, newspaper-radio-TV


                        --maintain and reconciles bank account

                        --primary check writer and bill payer for the group

                        --receive, deposit or disperse donations

                        --submit monthly report to the Steering Committee categorizing income and expenditures

  Board of Directors and Its Role

The Board of Directors exists primarily to fulfill the organization requirements of the state and federal government and the filed TSL articles of incorporation and bylaws. The only other function of the board is to provide recommendations or proposals to the Steering Committee for consideration.

Qualification and selection for membership on the Board of Directors

            Members of the Board of Directors are elected by a majority vote of the members present at the Steering Committee meeting. Members of the Board shall consist only of persons whom participate in the Centerís activities and programs and are expected to be regular participants on the Steering Committee.

Voluntary or Involuntary Termination of Officers or Members of the Board of Directors

            An officer or a Board member during their term may withdraw or resign from their position or be involuntarily terminated by a majority vote of the Steering Committee.

Filling Vacancies

If an officer or Board member position becomes vacant, then that vacancy will be filled by another member receiving a majority vote of the Steering Committee. The tenure of the new member shall be to the completion of the term of the originally elected member being replaced.

Procedure for Amending the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Mission Statement or Steering Committee Operating Guidelines

            Proposals for amending the TSL bylaws, articles of incorporation, mission statement or the Steering Committee operating guidelines shall be considered by the Steering Committee and can only be approved by a majority vote.

Other Administrative and Fiscal Provisions

        TSL officers are the only persons authorized to act for or in behalf of TSL regarding financial matters or on others matters that have substantial financial implications.

        The names and telephone numbers of all Steering Committee members will be kept by the Secretary and will be available at every Steering Committee meeting

        All TSL funds will be maintained in a bank account located in Colorado Springs. Only the Treasurer (as the primary check writer) and TSL officers will be authorized to sign checks and affect any transfer of funds.

        The Steering Committee (or when time is critical, at least three elected officers) must approve all individual expenditures in excess of $100.00.

        The TSL Treasurer will render a complete accounting of year to date and monthly income and expenditures at each regularly scheduled Steering Committee meeting.

        The fiscal year for TSL will be the same as the calendar year, spanning January 1st through December 31st.

The over-arching goal of the Steering Committee is to promote harmony and loving-kindness within TSL and the community at large. It is the intent of this committee to deal openly, honestly and in a caring way with disagreements or misunderstandings among members. We must recognize that it is our individual responsibility to foster within ourselves a sense of genuine equanimity and compassion as we conduct the business of creating an opportunity for the Dharma to be taught and practiced in Colorado Springs.

  Unanimously adopted by the TSL Steering Committee on March 18th, 2000

Names of Officers and Board Members Elected in 2000
Co-chair         -        Vicky Manchester
     Co-chair         -        Matt Frum
     Secretary        -        Kathy Kardoc
     Treasurer        -        Mark Slater

    Board Members    -    Vicky Manchester, Matt Frum, Kathy Kardoc, Mark Slater, Roger Bosse